2024 Wee Care Bag Project
FLCC has a passion for feeding the hungry.
2023, our 15th year of making Wee Care Bags, was a record-breaking year! Nearly $7k was donated towards the $5,500 goal. The excess made it possible for us to purchase extra of the heavy-duty red bags. Last year, the cost of the food and bag were just over $35 each and weighed 24 pounds.
Let’s set another record this year and collect $7,000!
Please mark WCB in the memo area of your check or use one of the specially marked envelopes in the gathering area. Givelify also has a WCB category.
The deadline for donations is Sunday, March 10.
This mission is not possible without the support of the entire church whether you are supplying manpower, contributing financially, or praying for Wee Care Bags. Please prayerfully consider your role.
Cindy Jones - Wee Care Bag organizer