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9/1/2022 Volunteers for Sunday Service

Please see the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board to help participate in our Sunday service:
  • Moments with Children
  • Lighting altar & memorial candles 
  • Reading scripture
  • Song suggestions

9/1/2022 For Sale

  • Pecan halves $10.75
  • Pecan pieces $10.50
  • Black walnuts $11.50 
15 Flavorings 
  • Imitation Flavorings (7oz) $3/each
  • Natural Flavorings (4 oz)  Strawberry $10.25 / Maple, Cherry, Raspberry, Brandy, Blueberry & Peach $8.25
Dish Cloths $1.25
See Bobbie Morris 

9/1/2022 Volunteers Needed for Nursery/Youth/Teen Program

We want to get others involved and bring new energy, ideas, relations and involvement of the congregation to the children/youth/teen program.   This could be anything from being a "backup" leader for when one of our leaders is unable to attend, to planning an outing or special outreach activity, to even committing to a certain Sunday each month to lead one of the programs (maybe do a craft Sunday every 4th Sunday of the month).   
Please prayerfully consider signing up to help with and be a part of the rotation of teaching/planning things with the program. 
Together this will hopefully expand our program and allow the church to build more unity and a sense of community across all age groups.